Terrace Ideas

During our class discussion, several ideas were proposed. I think to accomplish what we want this semester we should break up into smaller groups and focus on one area at a time. One group could focus on cleaning up the area and making more bleachers, another could focus on what we need to make the terrace visible to the community, and another could focus on community outreach and potential events. I think if there are less people focused on one aspect, more can be achieved because there is less decision making.

I think that the terrace definitely needs more seating, of some form, for it to feel more welcoming. If there is not enough seating, then people will not want to sit there. I think that one idea talked about in class of having colorful footprints, or something along those lines, leading to the terrace is a fabulous idea! If someone sees the footprints, they will be curious to see what they lead to and eventually realize it is for the terrace. Once a person knows how beautiful the terrace is, then they are more likely to go back and bring their friends. This is an easy and cheap way to grab people’s attention. I think a cool event would be to host an event similar to an American tailgate before a football game. If we could partner up with the local theater to provide equipment to broadcast and project a soccer game, cycling race, or something of that kind, on the wall in front of the terrace along with food and music, I think a lot of people of all ages would come. I know in America the idea of sports and camaraderie that goes along with sports are extremely important to communities. It is an easy way for people to have fun and watch a game together outside. Sports is a universal way for people to connect with each other. Also, the parking lot space could be utilized for pick up games of soccer during the match for the children. Along with this event, it could become a regular thing. That is what will get the terrace recognized if there is a regular event once month.

In the articles we have read so far, it has been made apparent that for someone to feel safe or welcome in a public space, it has to connect with them. This terrace has to appeal to all ages and groups of people for it to be successful. If parents know this space is safe and entertaining for their children, then they will be allowed to go. Then if the parents know the space because their children go their, they will be more likely to attend a more adult aimed event. I think the terrace has so much potential but it must be looked at from the angle of all ages to be successful. 450624996


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