Field Trip!


For our field trip, we spent the day interacting with the people, workstations, and landmarks that Borgo Bello and the Agriculture school had to offer. We briefly toured the area but were provided some of the rich history that made that area what it is today. Immediately after this we made our way to the greenhouse, where we took a tour and gathered for lunch. While mingling, we learned some of the safety requirements and basic information required for greenhouse work. Following this, we made our way out to the garden. Though it’s the off-season, it’s evident that the garden is capable of producing all kinds of crops.

After completing the reading, my perspective of sidewalks and their purposes changed. Prior to the reading I only thought that sidewalks served the purpose of simply providing a walkway. Jane Jacobs touches on a few points such as eyes on the street, being well lit, and having strangers around. Borgo Bello has some sidewalks, but a lot of the neighborhood consists of uncrowded back alley ways that lack lighting. If I were to single out a potential area of improvement, I would most likely start here.

Jacobs provides information that we will use to enhance the streets of Borgo Bello. It was interesting to see some of the works done by previous students (the light up paintings that lit up that alley way) because it made me wonder how I may influence the community. This field trip was the start of the potential enhancements (making cuts, sanding the edges, etc.) Though we weren’t able to go out and clean the terrace or fix up some of the existing features and paint them, I was still excited about the opportunity to positively influence this progressive community.

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