Borgo Bello Day Trip

Every time I visit Borgo Bello I find something new. This week our place-making class was granted special access to the agricultural university and their gardens. It was so wonderful to see plants in bloom and growing. Even though the weather had other plans we still managed to do some work.We were able to cut and sand a piece of wood to fix a broken piece of furniture on the terrace. We then were able to explore more of the grounds of the university.The church on the grounds was beautiful and had many paintings. The entire campus was beautiful especially the medieval gardens. We got to see trees that only grew in this area as well as, a hundred year old tree. There are so many spaces in this community that should be shared with the public. In the reading, Jane Jacobs talks about the difference between public and private spaces. I think this is important to think about when exploring a new area. The garden and green house for example, were a private space but other parts of the campus was open to the public like the medieval gardens. There is always a balance between private and public and I think this campus shows that in both these areas. Not everything can be open to the public but it is really nice when you can find spaces that all can enjoy.

The walk back home brought us to a few restaurants and shops along the way. It was really nice of T-Trane to offer the group tea and let everyone enjoy their shop. It helps to build community when people go out of their way to be kind. We also got to see the local theater. The day in Borgo Bello was fun and helped to show me more parts of this community. I got to not only experience the places but also the people that watch over this community. For being a rainy day we saw a lot of the campus and learned more about the people and places of Borgo Bello.


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