Borgo Bello è bellissimo

mezzanotte-bianca.jpgMy first impression of the Borgo Bello is that it is truly beautiful. After walking down a series of steps from the center of Perugia, we arrived on a bustling street. There were parents guiding their kids to soccer practice, shops opening after the afternoon riposo, and people running to catch a bus. The Borgo Bello instantly felt like home, despite being 5,500 miles from home. It took straying a little outside of the center of Perugia to see the daily lives of the Perugini. The main street was filled with people and dogs on their way to their afternoon engagements. There are flowers in the pots; spring is about to arrive. The church bells tower over and create a beautiful skyline.Yet, when you venture into the side streets a new story is told. There are dark corners and remnants of the decades it took to repair the impoverished neighborhood. The Borgo Bello has come a long way from its history of crime and is an up and coming neighborhood for young people. Young people always seem to be the catalyst for change and what better to help the Borgo Bello than with college students. I am excited to see what we can accomplish and make the Borgo Bello a little more beautiful.

The article spoke a lot about what streets and neighborhoods need to be successfully inhabited. This includes store fronts, sidewalks and pedestrians or strangers. The main street in the Borgo Bello is full of restaurants and shops that give people a reason to be there. There are people looking into and out of the windows, which creates a sense of security. The sidewalks allow people to safely walk up and down the street and pass other people. The problem lies in the side streets that have dim lighting and no sidewalks. Although one does not immediately feel unsafe, it is easier to feel scared on the side streets. There is less foot traffic of strangers causing some hesitation. This is a problem that can be seen in most cities and neighborhoods.

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