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Sadly, last tuesday I had the flu and I coudn’t join our first visit to Borgo bello with the class. Anyway, in the past three years, i had more than a change to enjoy this beautiful place. Once you go there, you become surprised noticing how it seems “a city inside the city”; the particular kind of shops you can find, its confidential appearence and a lot of suggesting views make this place really interesting and quite different if compared to the rest of Perugia.

By the other hand, Borgo Bello has few problems that constitute a big obstacle to its real fruition. First of all there is a real difference between day time and night time: during the first one, a lot of people come to Borgo Bello to enjoy the beauty of its places even if, in the colder months, all this open air places force people to move away. So it’s more like a place you pass through, rather than one you stay in. During night time the situation is completely different; it seems to be really desolated because, once the sun goes down, there is not lit enough. Also there is no planned activity (i mean something planned to be done continuously over time and not una tantum) such as good pubs, live music exeption made for some theatres and so people prefer to go to the centre of Perugia to spend their evenings/nights.

Basically we have a place that potentially could be a perfect spot to host a lot of events and planned activities, but we need to figure out a way to make people feel this place, to give it a unique identity emphasizing its feature but not simply «re-arranging the furnitures» (i loved this concept expressed in the article “Why true neighborhood building requires the dedication of a few “Zealous Nuts“). In order to achieve this, we need to start from the community: their needs, the way they imagine the place they live in, the expectations they have etc. As Viviana Lorenzo said in her article “The Shared City“, we need to involve directly the people in decision-making processes because only starting from the people you will build something for the community. And this is, in my personal opinion, once of the key concepts of Placemaking: public spaces should be something made by the citizens for the citizens.

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