Exploring Borgo Bello

After being in Perugia for three weeks, I was amazed to see that there was a quaint little town that I had never discovered just minutes from where I frequently eat and shop. Borgo Bello directly translates to “beautiful town” and that is exactly what I saw. Seeing that this part of town has had issues in the past and is becoming better and better each day is inspiring. I am very excited to be completely immersed into this quiet town.

My group decided to take some back alleys and side streets and we were pleasantly surprised with what we found. We found beautiful paintings and even the space that a previous placemaking class created. We found beauty in the simplest things that actually create this community. This walk allowed me to really see this town, instead of just look at it. I am amazed by the fact that the people of this town actually created this space that they call home that use to once be a rougher area. This town was not as quiet as I expected, I saw more kids in Borgo Bello than I’ve seen in the rest of Perugia.

To me this didn’t seem like a rough area until I saw the spot that we will be working at. It was covered in garbage and we found out that this is probably because the pushers who use this area are trying to get people to avoid this beautiful area. It was sad to see such a beautiful view into a place for people’s garbage. I am excited to make this terrace beautiful again.


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