Streets verse Parks

Before reading the article I did not understand why parks were not considered as good as playing on the street, but now I do. I guess I  considered the idea that because parks are made for kids they are considered safe. But the truth is that they are not always safe because there is a lack of supervision. This lack of supervision leads to more kid on kid crime.


This makes a lot of sense though. The streets are safer because there is an unspoken supervision. Whether it be people in their cars or walking down the street, every person subconsciously looks at and over everyone else. There is a public responsibility to look over kids, even if you do not know them. If we get kids on the streets than crime might decline and someone will always have an eye on their activity without being overbearing. Although a park seems like a great place for kids to interact, it is the opposite. It is a breading pool for unsafe behaviours. A plain street, with never ending commotion  is a better setting for children.I enjoyed this article as it made me understand placemaking more!


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