Journal 2-

Jacobs focuses on place, specificity- place knowledge based on local experiences and the process of placemaking, which is “human interaction with and appropriation of a specific environment.” Overall people define, construct and control the quality of their own environment.We need to understand the urban life in Perugia before we make any plans for our space. This requires a lot of sociology as we have to understand how individuals interact and their relationships with the city and other individuals. With this in mind we can better create a space that will be useful and well liked. The space will not only be successful but will be utilised by all types of people. I think that place and its public are fundamental to each other. We must keep in mind peoples every day experiences and interactions as we look at the space as an object to recreate. I wonder how the community will respond to students trying to get them involved.


#fall2016 #journal2


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