Children in City Panning

I was very interested in how the community workshop was going to go. I was extremely surprised by the amount of people that came out to support the project. However, I was worried that the people that attended might not have the best insight because of their age. I thought that there would be more parents in attendance to speak for their children. I was proven wrong after reading the translated minutes from the workshop. While some ideas weren’t feasible, they did bring up very creative ways to fill the terrace space and even offered to donate certain items. In the end we made a plan to have a “kick off event” on halloween for the neighborhood kids. I believe that this event will help make Perugia a more “child friendly city”.
Readings nine and ten are very focused on involving children in city design and also how city design affects children. The reading is very focused on how children are not given as much freedom to go roam the streets on their own or play outside and adventure. They are kept in a bubble. In the reading it says that, “many children today are captive in their homes and often alone. They are institutionalized, over programmed, information stuffed, TV dependent, “zoned in” and age segregated”. I understand that children in today’s age stay in and watch TV or play on their phones instead of going out to play. I see it for myself when I am at home. I agree when the reading urges that adults need to also change their attitudes to fix this, adults need to once again value children’s access and experience of cities. Children need to once again regain street sense instead of playing on the iPhones. Children are the future of city planning.

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