Children and Technology

The first thing that really stood out to me from the Changing Nature of Children, Participation and City Design was the mention that children have become overrun with television and technology, which adds to the issue of un-involvement in their communities. Our world has slowly become obsessed with iPhones, iPads, Netflix ect.  This contributes to social disorders and a general lack of knowledge regarding the outside world. “Many children today are captive in their homes and often alone” (Francis & Lorenzo 4). It is sad, but it is the truth. Without the experiences of exploring neighborhoods, learning things on their own and playing and interacting with nature, developing “street smarts” is near to impossible. The one question that I cannot seem to answer is how do you stop this increasing trend of technology obsession? It scares me to think that my children will be growing up without neighborhood games every evening and having them not be able to wander off with a group of kids just to have to make it home in time for dinner.

This article was extremely eye-opening for me and it brought up a lot of good points and ideas on how to involve children in the building of their own communities which in return benefits greatly to their upbringing.

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