The Power of Placemaking

The process of place-making should be approached in an should be approached with the community in mind. A public space needs to meet the needs of the community because if the space does not meet the communities needs, it is a waste. The process is never completely finished as the needs of the community are always changing.

The idea of placemaking seems simple if you do not think about it too much. However, if we truly want to make a difference and utilize our space properly there is a lot to consider. One of the readings for this week, 26 Ways to Make Great Places, states what is necessary for placemaking to be successful. One of the most important points that the reading made was that people need to treat common spaces as if they are their own. Thinking that another person will take care of the trash left behind will never help the community area grow into a social place. As a class we have already begun to “form a study group” in order to discuss the necessary improvements to the Perugia community. I am unsure what our project for this semester will be but I know that whatever we create will be used to inspire the next semester’s class and hopefully the rest of the community.

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