Place-Making: A Relationship

Place-making is a relationship with the community. The key to having a good relationship is communication. You must be able to observe, listen, and ask questions, as said in the article “What is Place-making?”. You must focus on their needs, and your needs, and create a consensus, by collaborating. By creating a vision that is a collaborative idea, it will become dear to the community, and therefore they will take care of it. Now by saying this I am not telling you to go out there and find the biggest project that you both want, because like every relationship, you don’t move in together after the first date. You start off with small things, such as grabbing a coffee, or going for a walk, in the park. With place making it is the same, you don’t go out and find the biggest projects, such as building a castle because all the children want to have fortress, and there parents don’t want them to. You would need to maintain the upkeep of the castle, and the children would not do that, and neither would the parents. You would find something that they would both use, and want, which can also be simple like a drawing board. In all relationships, it is the simple things in life that you will look back on fondly. You would then get a group of people together of which the project was important to. Ask their ideas about where it would go. In a relationship it is always necessary to let the people know that their opinions matter, and that you are listening to them.Then apply the ideas and afterward, maybe have a  party, where you finish it, so the community knows where it is. It is always could to celebrate, big steps, and make use of the new milestones, in any relationship.

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