Borgo Bello by Anna Sweitzer

When I first walked into Borgo Bello, I noticed right away that it was different from the center of Perugia. Borgo Bello is much quieter and seemed like a close-knit community.

Walking the streets of Borgo Bello felt comfortable and the people were very welcoming. The small shops were cute and although it is a small neighborhood, it had a lot to offer. The main difference between the center of Perugia and Borgo Bello was the lack of tourists. Around my apartment, I run into people from all over the world and have not once seen children. In Borgo Bello, however, I only saw families, Italians and young children.



Exploring another part of Perugia was amazing and I plan on exploring even further. Each little neighborhood has something different to offer and all have their own unique characteristics.

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