Borgo Bello by Sydney C.

Exploring Borgo Bello was a great way for me to understand how Perugia has many differing and unique neighborhoods within a very close vicinity. Borgo Bello was different than anything I had experienced in Perugia. In the center, where I live and go to school, there are tourists that fill the streets and many high school age students who seem to come to the center after school on a regular basis. On the other hand, Borgo Bello was a neighborhood that was filled with young families and residents who were closer to my age, 22. I also noticed that the store owners were excited to see Americans and encouraged coming back. In the center, individuals who work in the service industry are used to tourists and study abroad students but Borgo Bello is more native. I also enjoyed seeing the piece of land that we will be working with. I think it would be a success to build more seating and possibly a structure of some sort that children can play on. This could result in the area becoming more populated and the young families could treat it as park, with an amazing view to compliment the fun play area. In addition, the side streets show the Italy I thought of before first arriving. The narrow streets each have their own personality and character. I think it showed the diversity within the neighborhood. I like that different social classes live neat eachother and probably positively effects individuals who grow up in that area as they are less judgemental and classist. It was a great exprience for me as I learned more about Perugia than expected.

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