Borgo Bello by Haley Donathan

To prepare myself for our first walk around Borgo Bello later today, I googled “Borgo Bello Perugia.” After reading Viviana’s article “The Shared City (Place Making in Borgo Bello)” I wasn’t certain what I would find. The article left me with the picture of a deserted, run-down neighborhood that was struggling to recreate itself into something beautiful. The pictures I found online didn’t match the images I had formed in my head. As I scrolled through pages of pictures, I saw many different flyers advertising all of the community events that this neighborhood held. I saw pictures of beautiful views of the city, possibly from the terrace our class will be working on. And I saw groups of people gathering to build community and create a space where each person feels welcome.

These are all just pictures that I have interpreted, so I am very excited to tour the actual neighborhood today. It will be very interesting to see how these online pictures compare to the actual neighborhood.

What I saw missing from the online pictures was children and families. Images on google, do not show everything and it is a possibility that children and families do engage with the community, but I would love to see the internet full of pictures of families and young children playing outside and enjoying the space. Like Ray and Viviana discussed last week in class, it is our mission to create a welcoming space for children so they are able to enjoy this beautiful area safely. To me, nothing is more inviting than a very colorful and comfortable area. I envision seating for the parents, and a brightly colored area for the children to play. What this play area will encompass, I do not know yet as I have not seen the space or had an opportunity to talk with any of the residents.

The pictures I have seen show such a bright and inviting community and I hope that we can continue to transform this neighborhood from what it used to be, into an inviting and engaging area able to help building community.

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