“Street Smarts” by Shameesha P.

The design of city streets play a vital role in child development, as exemplified in the reading. Children learn how to adapt to different environments, develop social and comprehension skills, and learn to work with each other. The streets allow children and youth to explore, create, and expand their horizon at a young age, which can be beneficial to their adulthood. It is important to include the voices of the community, both old and young when designing and planning community spaces. When children were asked to participate and share their thoughts about the development of their community, they felt important and valued, which can lead to possible community planners or positive outlooks when faced with adversity in the neighborhood. However, I do not think that indoor activities are bad for a child’s development or negatively affect their social skills in adult life.

The idea of a proactive process-“to rethink and modify past approaches to make children stronger advocates for their needs in planning” is a great way to create a healthy community similar to the reading “The Roseto Mystery”. Supporting a movement that is solely dedicated to children’s rights and their ability to have their voices heard is a promising but also challenging task in community development in urban spaces.

After reading these articles I wonder if it is possible to create streets for all when crime rates, strangers, violence, cars, and other imperfections have become the main topics of breaking news for local and urban neighborhoods. Will we ever be able to create a public space, free from all dangers or unexpected accidents? One thing these readings taught was the fact that curiosity and exploration can be both, positive and negative.

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God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference.
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