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The making of Demoratic streets by Paris Parken

When reading this article I noticed that “pedestrianization” is clearly focused on consumerism. The addition of malls, mini malls, and expensive boutiques into cities in order for people to comfortably shop in America can be positive, especially for constant shoppers, … Continue reading

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Democratic Streets

Democratic Streets- By Derrick Newton As these articles made clear, street planning is very complex due to the many nuances that must be adhered to for the value of the street to be beneficial to all in the environment. It is … Continue reading

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Coming From The Streets

Coming From The Streets – By: Derrick Newton Few in this generation realize the impact that the streets have on the youth. Growth and development is shaped through the actions young people experience. The assigned readings really spoke to the importance … Continue reading

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Roseto: The El Dorado of Community Health

Though this week’s reading was entitled, The Roseto Mystery, what made this small immigrant town transplanted from the Appenine foothills to rural Pennsylvania was really no great secret. The drastic health differences in its population discovered by Doctor Stewart Wolf could be … Continue reading

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“Street Smarts” by Shameesha P.

The design of city streets play a vital role in child development, as exemplified in the reading. Children learn how to adapt to different environments, develop social and comprehension skills, and learn to work with each other. The streets allow … Continue reading

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