City planning and children by Paris Parken

Readings seven and eight are very focused on children’s involvement in city design and also how city design affects children. A lot of the reading is very focused on how in the present, children are not given as much freedom to go roam the streets on their own or play outside and adventure. They are kept in a bubble. This is something that I can agree with, to an extent. When I was younger I definitely would adventure frequently, I would always be asking to “go outside and play” with the neighbors. I would go to the park, the nearest convenient store to buy candy, the library, etc. and my mother would allow it. My younger brother and sister who are 11 and 13 are also allowed to roam as they want. They are in no means sheltered. They walk home from school and spend hours outside with their friends adventuring our town, just like I did. They have set days in the week where my mother takes their phone for the whole day and they are not allowed to watch TV for that day.

Just because my family lives this life doesn’t mean that all families in this century do. I completely agree with some of the reading. “Many children today are captive in their homes and often alone. They are institutionalized, over programmed, information stuffed, TV dependent, “zoned in” and age segregated” (Children and City Design pg. 4). I understand that children in today’s age stay in and watch TV or play on their phones instead of going out to play. I see it for myself. I agree when the reading urges that adults need to also change their attitudes to fix this, adults need to once again value children’s access and experience of cities. Children need to once again regain street sense instead of playing on the iPhones. Children are the future of city planning.


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