Jane Jacobs and views on placemaking by Paris Parken

After getting through reading number four it is very clear that Jane Jacobs work is extremely criticized by many, seeing as though she had no education or training in urban planning. Despite her lack of education and specific experience in the subject, I think Jane Jacobs makes valid points through her work, and she knows how to use observation and common sense to understand city planning. As mentioned in the reading, Jacobs understands the importance of not only the design of buildings and marketplace but she focuses on how cities actually function and on human relationships. “Within the form based definitions of sustainable urbanism, however, important elements of urban processes such as social diversity, economic equity, and environmental justice are ignored (The Urban Wisdom of Jane Jacobs, pg 220). It is clear that Jane Jacobs understands not only city planning, but placemaking as well because she can see the power and importance that people have on a space.

Going on to reading five, I really enjoyed that the writing emphasized that when one works with placemaking, you should listen to the “best experts in the field”, the people who live there. That statement is so important, because really the best tips and ideas will come from the inside. In reading six I think all of the ways to make great places are positive and productive ideas that all people should partake in to make their city great. Overall I think all of the readings implicate that placemaking is not only about buildings, but about the people as well.

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