Borgo Bello

Borgo Bello- Derrick Newton Jr.

A community like one I have seen back in the states, Borgo Bello possessed many unique qualities that fascinated me. With its many storefronts and alleyways, Borgo Bello reminded me a lot of New London, CT the city in which my college, Connecticut College, is located in. It felt quaint but, also full of life and personality. Closer towards the entrance of the community the streets were filled with people, sounds, and energy! It was comforting  and familiar. Seeing the community garden, OrtoBello, and the many projects and works of art that were tucked away in the many alleys of this community was very refreshing. Like we talked about as we all walked together, the conditions of these communal spaces were in great condition and really spoke to the care in which the community puts into these spaces. Coming from a big city like Chicago, I know the impact destructive behavior can have on a community. Vandalism to public parks and community centers often invoke a sense of fear. This did not seem to be present in Borgo Bello, a beautiful thing indeed.IMG_2699

There was a since of love and care for the community. This was not only displayed in the upkeep of the community spaces but also in the eyes of some of the community members. This love, care, and passion was conveyed thoroughly through the eyes of the community president as he spoke to us and the community members while we journeyed through Borgo Bello. Borgo Bello itself did feel so familiar to me also be cause the appearance and speculation of it socioeconomic status. The community, not far from the city center, has its beauty in many ways but its wealth did not seem to be shown through grandeur or luxury but the sense of community that was presence. Sometimes its up to a community to make a space beautiful because small ones like Borgo Bello can easily be over looked. I questioned why the lights that were once hung for the holidays in the city center were still present in Borgo Bello and not taken down like they were in the Piazza? Could it be a small community like Borgo Bello was valued less that the heart of the city of Perugia, so they were the last of the communities to be serviced? I questioned this because in many underrepresented communities in the States, they are usually last to receive services from the government. I just found that interestingIMG_2729.jpg

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