Safety in a place by Esperanza H.

 I recently went to Palermo in Sicily and to say the least I didn’t feel that safe walking the streets. It wasn’t that it was unsafe, it was more that every road we walked down, we got stared at left and right and got cat called and whistled at and everything imaginable. It was so uncomfortable that I didn’t not get to enjoy my trip as much as I wanted to. Palermo is such a beautiful city with many hidden wonders but the treatment of women walking down the street is close to unbearable. I think this is where planning to live in a city comes into play. Will you feel comfortable walking down the streets or do you have to watch your back every step of the way? I loved Palermo though. We were able to find a beach that was a neighborhood beach and very beautiful. This time of year, Italians find it very cold but for us it was warm and great to lay out. It was so peaceful and wonderful. Beaches for me are great when it comes to a city. For me, it is a great escape from the real world. I love it so much. And I love to see the beach everywhere I go

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