Lost and Confused for a Good Reason by Rachel T.

In class we performed an activity which would voice our opinions on what we believed would be the best for the terrace. On sticky notes we each wrote down what we thought the terrace should be, and express what feelings we think we would want to have if we were to sit and enjoy the terrace once its completed to whatever it may be completed as. To some of us it seemed like a confusing task to just say what we felt would be the best fit in a space which we really didn’t know to much about. We knew that it was beautiful and should be used for something more than what it is right now. Everyone seemed to have the same opinions on how they thought the feelings should be when spending time at the Via del Cortone terrace. Relaxing, and enjoying the views while smelling the flowers and fresh air from the space. However we knew there was more than just that that we could do for the terrace.

When attending the meeting it seemed again a bit confusing. Basically because it was all in Italian it was hard to really understand what the community was saying when they participated in the same activity we had in class. Although we couldn’t fully understand what they were initially saying you could tell through their body language and tones of voices their passion for this project. And even so we didn’t understand exactly what they were saying, it was interesting to catch on to some things and having Massimiliano and the two american residents of Borgo Bello translating for us was nice as well so we could somewhat get a feel for what the people of Perugia wanted to see come of the terrace. Later in the next class it was really cool to compare what their ideas were and how they ended up being really similar to what we had come together and decided as a class. Overall I thought the workshop went really well and I am looking forward to the next one and the progress we will have with getting a clearer vision of what we want to happen with The Vision 2020 terrace project!!


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