The Workshop; By Brenna Huether

Before going to the workshop we did like mock workshop so we would understand what was going to occur at the real one. As a class we agreed we want create a place where anyone is welcome and is a muti-functional place. A lot of ideas were for benches along with picnic tables, and a place for children to play. I think we all agreed that children were a main part of the project. If the children were happy then the parents would be. Another big idea was to have markets that would come and go. This is a great idea because it brings the community together with food, and we all know everyone loves food.

During the community workshop that the class attended I gained a lot of insight and understand during and reading the minutes afterwards. During the workshop, I sat and observed everyone. It tend to seem like the environment was friendly until latter in the meeting when I could tell some people got upset what was happening. As the people came in and took their sits, there were a lot of people talking and laughing. It seemed that everyone knew each other, and felt invited in. The meeting began to get going, and the tension in the room rose a bit, I felt like. Even though everyone was talking in Italian I could still tell when someone liked or didn’t like the idea being said. Reading the minutes my conclusion is that the people also want a place for people to come and to relax at. My favorite idea the people brought was to bring out culture in the terrace, for example the timeline. The timeline is a way for the local people to connect to their history and for tourists to also visit. I believe that the timeline could bring many things, new people and history, both every good ideas for the terrace. Along with other ideas the people really felt like they wanted to be part of the project.

I believe in order for a project to run smoothly you need people involved and willing to work. Everything is not going to easy when it comes to the project, there will be agreements, and disagreements over some ideas. Along with those come good times and hopes for the future.


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