Gardeners of Perugia by Rachel T.


Getting to see some of the things that the Borgo Bello association is taking upon themselves hands on really made an impact on how we could be next to continue this wonderful thing they do for their town. Meeting with David and hearing his story of how he helps with the association, as well as gets the students he teaches at the university to participate in these community activities really related to what we are trying to achieve in class. Based on all the information we gained from the meeting, it seemed as tho all who showed are very excited to transform the terrace they all know into something beautiful.

Understanding the ideas of the community and the use of David who is a Perugia native, it will be very beneficial for the years to come with ideas from the town, and the use of the community to come together and work together on this project. With David’s help, we can begin planning on how we can make the terrace full of beautiful plants and beautiful flowers, to make it more appealing to the eye and draw in more visitors. Once we go over next class what our ideas were versus the ideas of the residents, we can then begin to narrow things down and get a clearer idea of how we can begin this vision 2020 project for Borgo Bello. Meeting with David gave me a better understanding on how the process really has to deal with a lot of things in order to make things happen. There are many steps in transforming this terrace, and I am very excited to be the ones who begin this process for Perugia and its residential community.

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