Welcome back Urban Spaces Class!

After the break, Umbra class ESUS 310 is back at work to realize the future of the terrace of the Via del Cortone!

A few pictures of the intense weeks leading up to the break.

Students together with OrtoBello activists explore the site of Via del Cortone, that will be the site of the projects and their collaboration with the Association Borgo Bello.

Students recall their childhood and draw maps of outdoor activities they used to do as children during the lesson “Childhood in the city: yesterday, today and tomorrow. Value of children’s participation in place-making.”

Students of Urban Spaces create their own Vision 2020 of the future of the Terrace of Via del Cortone.

Tuesday 6 October, at 9 P.M.

1st Neighborhood Workshop @ TIEFFEU – Theater , via del Castellano, 2/a  What Future for the Terrace in Via del Cortone?

The Workshop was a success in terms of number of participants and of energy and ideas generated.

In synthesis, around 50 local residents took part in the Workshop. It was a very diversified group: young people, mid-aged and elderly or retired; more women than men; students and a few staff from the University of Perugia and the Umbra Institute; office workers, laborers and professionals; artists and cultural promoters; several members of the OrtoBello Promoting Group. There were 8 non Italians (not counting UI students and staff). Approximately 15 persons were newcomers (i.e., not yet on our contact list).

All in all, a “good group”!

Among the many ideas discussed: street furniture for reading and enjoying the view, places for music and for small theater performances, places for art, expression and culture as an outdoor lobby or a speaker’s corner and maybe a weekly arts and crafts market.

Umbra Institute students observed the dynamics of the participatory workshop and expressed their impressions in their past journals.

Now it is time to plan and find shared strategies to help put into action the ideas and desires expressed by the community of Borgo Bello!

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