Let’s plan proper by Suprima Bhele

After the workshop and listening to people’s vision, we are getting closer towards attaining a mutual vision for our project. The most common ideas around the vision were for the place to be multi-functional, inclusive and diverse which is accessible to people of all ages and from all places. There are many themes revolving the ideas and many of them are related to having food markets, benches, playground, gallery, and even gym. If we think about it, all of these ideas are great and can re-purpose the terrace, hence bringing people into the area. I think that the challenge, however, is to find something that would be special for the whole city.

Somethings to consider while moving along our planning are; Perugia is known for chocolate. Hundreds of thousands of people came from all over the world just for the chocolate festival. One of the biggest chocolate sculpture of Europe lies in the Perugini Chocolate Factory. Yet many people miss out on the fascinating history of this hilltop town. We can find places to eat anywhere in Perugia. There are playgrounds spread out around schools. But I think that this particular terrace with such a fascinating view should hold a monumental site for all the Peruginies. Hence, I think that building a timeline is a great idea. We can take Chicago’s bean for instance. It is one of the highlights of Millennium Park. The highly reflective nature of the sculpture does a great job of capturing the beautiful skyline of Chicago. This sculpture has thus become a tourist hot spot. People go there because it is free and also an amazing spot to take photographs. It is One of a kind, it has an Ideal Location (Millennium Park) and it is perfect for Family Fun (kids and parents alike enjoy seeing their reflection and taking pictures at the Cloud Gate Sculpture). This is a very loved public place in the city now. We can do something similar with our terrace as well. Thus, a timeline would be an attraction for native people as well as people visiting this town from all over Italy and the world. Building a tourist destination will rather encourage local markets than creating competition. It could be ideal venue for important city functions.

Some people also mentioned the area to be a place for performers. In Seattle, Washington, Seattle Pike Place Market is known for its street performers. Their activities are managed by the local authority of Preservation and development, by having designated locations for performances (and charging the performers a certain amount for an annual permit badge).

Therefore, a monumental site showcasing Perugian history and timeline could be a unique attraction of this city that will not only cover most of our common vision but also present something to Perugia that in future times might represent Perugia.

Photo by Jeremy Reddington

Photo by Jeremy Reddington

About suprimaishere

I am a junior at Hollins University, VA, USA. I am pursuing a B.Sc in Mathematics and a B.A. in Studio Arts. My aspiration is to work as an architect-urban planner.
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