A continuing trend by Esperanza H.

 Before going on break, we had a change to see the orto for the agricultural students. It is a wonderful garden and our guide gave us a change to pick peppers and he told us all about each harvest and what their projects where. Then we spoke more about the plans to beautify our space. He explained to us how passionate people get at these events and what we should be expecting. It is amazing how much involvement is being created because it seems as if Perugia is so rich and so full of life that they must do everything in their power to maintain it and keep it going. I really enjoyed spending class in the garden and seeing what the garden does with the community such as pumpkin carving with the elementary students. It is amazing to see a community get so involved with a project. That promotes healthy living in my opinion. Everyone coming together, speaking of issues they have and working to fix it on top of everything else they have is something everyone would want when choosing a neighborhood to live in. Once again, I am very excited to see this project being realized and seeing what else people come up with to utilize the space then eliminating what is unnecessary and unifying it all to one thing.

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