Input–>Output by Demiana Khoury

To my surprise I had a really awesome time at the workshop. I was shocked by the amount of people in attendance and pleased by their sincere desire to be present and share their opinions. While Italians are naturally very passionate, a quality of their culture I wish could be translated to the United States, their zeal about the project was truthfully communicated by their participation in discussion.

With the input we received from the locals on Tuesday at the workshop, it is now our job to create an output appropriate and beneficial to the community. The reality is that we are only here until December, allowing us only to plan the use of this space, but not to see out the execution. While this is frustrating to not fully complete the project, that makes it even more necessary that we find the right use for this space the first time. IMG_1693Although it was hard to understand, Massimiliano’s translations helped us along the way. I gathered that people were supportive of our excitement for this amazing space, but brought forth barriers I hadn’t thought of. For example, this area has a lot of drug activity, meaning we would have to brainstorm ideas to oppose this. Also, the lack of funding from the city is a huge barrier I am definitely not taking into account while thinking of numerous and extravagant ideas. It is quite possible to create a donation fund as Ray and Viviana mentioned which hopefully could sustain our ideas. However, I’m approaching brainstorms with an American state of mind where money would be absolutely necessary in this situation. Perhaps, in our future brainstorming we can think outside of the box on ideas that require little to no funding.

The anticipation and excitement to solidify the use of the space is becoming slightly unbearable. Fortunately, I believe that our hard work, input from the natives, and the amazing opportunity this space brings forth is enough to help build a space for the people of Borgo Bello to call their own.

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