Loss of Hope by Kirby Challman

The workshop was a wonderful experience. It is incredible to see the individuals of the community wrestle with all of the different suggestions, hopes, and challenges. The format of the meeting was inclusive, by allowing the each individual to express their views in writing. I think that is where the man with the raddest beard was confused. Using imaginative language helps everyone create, mold, and design their perfect terrace without the interference of others views. In the end it was clear that in each vision there were commonalities in demographic, use, and purpose. A foundation is now created for the future of the terrace, but was more importantly created for the rest of discussion that evening. Hopefully, the man was able to realize this by the end of the meeting.

It was difficult to completely understand the conversation taking place, but one topic that stood out was the funding. This is where I am loosing hope. I assume that the people present at the workshop are the most active in the community and to hear their response to the possible help from the government was disheartening. I NO longer believe that the complete vision I originally had for the space is feasible. I DO believe that the feelings of the space are still possible. Aesthetically though, I believe that it is necessary to rethink more creative ways to utilize the space with the lack of funding present. There was another man that was brash, but I think on the right track of creating a space that is usable, but not the perfect “outdoor living room” I had envisioned earlier.

I understand the lack of help from the local government, but I don’t think a committed group of individuals will be able to persuade them to offer aid for the space. As one that works as a public servant at home this is so frustrating! Too see a group that is willing to do the work and not receive anything from them is incredibly disheartening. I don’t think the project is over, but I do think we need to reconsider the options at hand in order to create the best option with a realistic budget.

Someday the Terrace will be enticing with all that we are hoping for, but for now the amazing view will have to do.

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