“Gardening in the Community”, Brenna Huether

Where I come from there is no garden spaces in your own yards, living in the city of Boston. Recently they have been putting in public gardens. This allows people who want to garden to go out into the community and work with others. I believe this brings the community together as a whole. These spaces allows for people to gather, have food and talk about their weeks. The gardens are mostly near a local park, so this allows the children to go and play while the parents work in garden. Gardening can be a way to relax and get everything off your mind, while doing something good for the community. Providing local grown food in the community. Together I feel Boston should keep making be1aae02e3a9e410VgnVCM100000d7c1a8c0____-Fenway Farms-1more local public gardens. The newest one is right in Fenway Park, walking to the games you can see the planters up there working.

I think after reading the reading of Community Gardening article, it makes me think about the garden in the Borgo Bello community. The community comes together and works on the garden. Having the suggestion box allows the community to voice their ideas, making it a public place. Bringing the community together to work on their garden.

In the article it states that there are some questions when deciding where to place a community garden, one that really struck me was that  “Is it a safe place, do people feel safe?” I feel that is a very good point, because people like to plant/garden alone sometimes so a person has to feel safe coming alone. I believe in order for the safety it has to be in a public and wide area.

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