The beauty of a community by Esperanza H.

 Last week we went to Circolo del Tempo Bono for coffee. We discussed how Borgo Bello came to be with some people from the project last year. It got me thinking about what we could do with the space in the Via del Cortone Terrace. I think cleaning the space up really well and outing some form of soft gravel or something comfortable yet weather resistant for people to walk on. Some tables where people can sit and relax would be great. I believe if there are weekly or biweekly movies projected on the opposite walls or even a live local band that doesn’t charge or is willing to promote themselves would be great to. If it starts off with people even knowing where the space is, it would be like placemaking. As it said in the reading “Placemaking is making a Public space a living space.” It is important for people to feel at home in that public setting that way they will continue to come back and continue to enjoy it. I really enjoyed the coffee party we had because the older people we encountered were so friendly and so nice, it would be nice to even offer them a space they enjoy as well aside from the one they already have. I am excited to continue brainstorming ideas for this project.

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