Safety, By:Brenna Huether

Safety is a big issue that addressed in neighborhoods all around the world. After reading Jane Jacobs article and discussing it in class, I have come to understand that a sense of community is need to feel safe. The main point Jacobs discusses is the sidewalk that people need to feel safe to walk on them and have their eyes on the streets. This however does not mean they have to always watching everyone in the community move.

Security is a huge issue when it comes to a community. It orders to feel like a whole, the community must feel together. Being together and working as a group can help a community a lot. I feel that Borgo Bello, continue to want to come together as a community. Project after project the community keeps going and working harder.

Another idea brought up in class was about public vs. private and I think that can get tough to understand what is what. For example in Borgo Bella the benches that the homeless is sleeping on are those private or public? But if the community does not feel safe going to the bench since the homeless people are there with their stuff is it really public? These can bring a lot of issues up but however to determine whom it belongs to is hard.

After reflecting in class this made be think about my hometown, West Roxbury MA. It is small neighborhood in Boston, where everyone knows everyone. Walking out my door I wave to my neighbors, and walking into the grocery store you will see at least four people you know. Safety in my neighborhood is a huge issue, whenever there is danger the whole neighborhood knows. I feel safe because knowing that people in my town are looking out for each other. The littlest things make me feel safe in my neighborhood, streetlights. Lights can make a town feel so much safer when walking home in the dark. After a long summer night scooping ice cream, I would walk home around 11 o’clock. I can say I feel completely safe walking alone because of the streetlights. Lights make people feel comfortable and welcome others to the community as well.


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