My Frist Impression, By: Brenna Huether

“Borgo Bello”

            Walking down the steps and into the neighborhood called the Borgo Bello, was a bit of a different experience then the center of the city near school. It looked as if the shops were more “Mom and Pop” ran then big stores, for example the supermarket was not the Coop. This stuck my eye very much so because everything near school is well known. The streets were a bit more on the messy side, and near school I feel as the trash is never in the streets. One more big observation was it reminded me a lot like my neighborhood.

“Mom and Pop” stores always draw my attention to them because I like knowing that you are helping out a family live. I love walking and the owner being there at your service. The shop that stuck me the most down in the Borgo Bello, was the supermarket I walked into to buy water. Right when I walked in the women greeted me with a warm welcome, and asked what I was looking for. That to me shows very good customer service. Another store was the clothing store that you can take the clothes and objects for how much you can pay. All the money does not go back to the store but to the Retirement Place that shows that the storeowner is trying to help everyone. She was very friendly and invited us to come back if ever need something. The community has whole seems very welcoming and accepting.

The trash on the street seemed to be more then in the center, I think it has to the trash removal in the center. I think that this can make the Borgo Bello look more run down, but it seems to be a beautiful little neighborhood in Perugia.

Borgo Bello neighborhood reminds me a lot like home, West Roxbury MA. West Roxbury is a neighborhood part of Boston MA, there are twenty-three neighborhoods in Boston. Walking down Main Street, in Borgo Bello reminded me of walking down Centre Street laughing with my friends from home, and going into the little shops. Centre Street is the main street than all the houses are off that street, similar in the Borgo Bello. Everyone knows each other in West Roxbury and I got that sense while walking around here. It really made me feel at home!


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