Inspired by Demiana Khoury

I was left feeling very inspired after class on Tuesday. Hearing about what the last class did promote their community garden and how they went about it made me want to get the ball rolling for our project. Some thoughts that stirred in my mind following the class: it is fantastic that the theaters around our space are willing to work with us. Having the businesses and groups around us will make our lives a whole lot easier when trying to plan events. Meaning we can turn to them for advice, cooperation, and rely on them to not complain about noise levels (haha). It is a restraint that we can’t sell anything in the space; however, possibly the theater next door can help us with that. I’m excited to get to work on our project and begin to make a concrete mark on a place we have learned to call home.


Placemaking seems easy at first. If we want ideas and answers on what to utilize our space for, we must turn to the natives, as they are the experts. Participatory planning is necessary for this space in Perugia. If people feel that they have a connection in creating something they are more likely to participate in it’s life and upkeep it. Possibly a good idea for this space is to make it’s use seasonal. Therefore, we would change what was going on depending on the needs of the people. This requires more work but simply the location of this space makes it worth it. The opportunity that this space offers requires work and consistency. While we are only here until December, this may be hard. However, it is our job to create the foundation to then inspire generations to come to continue with our work.

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