Eyes of OUR Streets; by Rachel T.

Where I grew up, you would pass by people on the streets, glance at them and smile, and if you knew them proceed into a conversation. I live in a town that I consider a small town, although it definitely is not. Mostly everyone knows everyone, and if you don’t you probably will in the near future. I live in Plymouth, Massachusetts and it is supposedly the largest town in all of Massachusetts. Being split into different sections including West, South, North, Chiltonville, Manomet, and the Pinehills each section of the town has its own area to watch and make sure is kept safe and clean. So how would the community be so close knit? Everyone is concerned about everyone’s well being, whether you are located in Manomet or as far as West Plymouth, the same concerns are among the community as a whole along with keeping the community clean, and danger-free.

I believe that Borgo Bello to can relate to this. I think that their eyes on the street are similar to the ones that I feel my town upholds. Everyone knows everyone, and I would not doubt by the way that the President of Borgo Bello was speaking, that if someone or something was in need of anything someone, anyone for that matter would help the person in need. That is a close knit community, and that is exactly how I feel back at home.  plym

(Downtown Plymouth)

Like Jane Jacobs said, every town has their set of eyes on the street. And in most towns the eyes on the street are probably directed towards the police men, as well as fire fighters and the local business owners in the town. To me however I feel like the eyes of my town are the people that walk up and down the streets every day, not even knowing that they are looking out and being used as a source watching and making sure things are safe. I have never once felt unsafe in my town, and just like other places yes we have had our fair share of criminal acts, and violence but because of the close-knit community that my town upholds, and the eyes that watch over my town I can safely walk the streets and too be a set of eyes to protect anything that is about to strike next.

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