Community Needs by Kirby Challman

What I sort-of envision for the terrace. An outdoor living room.

Place making as a priority is essential to the survival of community projects. This concepts, as introduced in class, involves the community as the true leaders in all projects. Jane Jacobs and others seem to point out the disconnect that could take place when a project is created without any input from those that will utilize and be impacted by the project. This grass roots concept of place making is critical, in my opinion, to the success of a project. Through place making ownership is formed over the project making the community more likely to care for and use what was created based off of their input.

A question that arises is the potential lack of engagement from community members and what happens if no one wants to participate in discussion? On Tuesday evening I believe that individuals will be present that want to make a difference on the terrace, but is it possible that we will be missing key faces that will be truly impacted by the project? I want to believe that the concept of inclusion trumps the willingness to participate and that having a place making attitude throughout a project can result in all the good in putting the community first.

I believe that having an inclusive project will bring individuals in on the planning and implementation that could potentially change their perspective of the neighborhood they live and create an engaged citizenry. It is this hope that I stand by the place making process, though it could be slow and tedious, a project designed with members and planners working side by side is a process I want to be a part of.

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