Thoughts & Questions, and a Push for Direction, Stefanie B. (J3)

One idea that resonated with me from last class was Demi’s questions regarding if we can get other companies involved with the terrace. The main concern with the terrace is its location. Therefore with the help of established businesses around Borgo Bello, I think they are the key to making the terrace a popular spot in Perugia.

In the United States it is normal for a group of people to ask established companies to donate workers, food, or whatever the case may be, something towards the project to help it succeed in its starting days. In return that company who donated a service now has ‘good press’ with the new project. I’m hoping that on Tuesday during our first evening to plan, we can create some general idea for the terrace. Thus, we can have an idea about the sole purpose for the terrace. I believe that in the warmer months a market by day, and bar by night would absolutely prosper. I understood from my peers that some people were more interested in holding single events too.

I think that hosting events at the terrace would be a great addition to Borgo Bello. My only hesitation with this idea is that I think it is imperative to have the support from local companies. This is where Demi’s questions come back into play. In Italian culture, is it normal to ask other companies to donate services to help at an event? Would it be out of the question to have a barista volunteer, or a chef donate appetizers, or a DJ play live music without anything in return? Or are these events on the terrace going to be for profit, or asking for donations? In the physical terrace you can’t purchase food (I believe), so how would that effect the events, and the flow of how they were run?

I'm hoping on Tuesday we can answer a few basic questions, and receive a basic direction for the terrace.

I’m hoping on Tuesday we can answer a few basic questions, and receive a basic direction for the terrace.

I guess I’m at a standstill right now with my thoughts because I need a few general answers about the purpose of this terrace before I can dive into the project. I’m hoping that on Tuesday, at least a few of my questions will be answered.

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