An idea for the terrace of Via del Cortone by Massimiliano G.

In the last class we was discussing about Jane Jacobs and her ideas about place making; she maintained that the place making proces has to be partecipatory and that it has to take in large consideration residents experience and direct observation.To reach the target these features have to be mixed with others like technical and political knowledge.I really agree with her because I think that a city can live in a better way if every citizen had a role in its life becoming a part of it.

So when professor Lorenzo took us to Via del Cortone asking us to think about something to realize on the terrace I had an idea: the area is exposed to north and because of houses and the high walls of the city it is not a sunny place and it is supposed to be cold and windy; this is why it has not been chosen as place for Orto Bello 2. My idea is to build on the terrace a couple of pizza ovens and some stone tables in order to have the possibility for everyone to have pizza and grilled meet in a public and clean area very close to the historic center of the city and in order to take it away from decline.

I think it could be a good idea because everyone in Umbria likes open spaces and barbecues and because in my opinion the retired people from the Tempo Bono Association would be glad to help us in making something to improve their neighborhood and their own lifes; at the same time they would be more involved in the project and they would feel part of it.

In my village there is a similar place in the park where is possible to have barbecues and parties and it is good both for socialization than for the security and the cleanliness of the area; I think that having a similar place just below to the city center would really cool!

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