The city I live in by Esperanza H.


Lake Worth Beach, Lake Worth , Florida

For me, in order to feel safe in a city it needs to be diverse in terms of culture where I don’t have to worry about not being able to go certain places because I am Hispanic or black. It means I can see people of all colors, of all types. Safety in a city, for me, means that I am not targeted by police or others while walking or driving down the street because I look different or I act a certain way. The city I am from in Florida is not necessarily the cleanest or with the least amount of criminals but I know for a fact I feel safe because there is diversity and there is culture of all sorts. Also safety in a city comes from how people act and feel towards certain situations. For example, is the police constantly on the lookout? What are my rights as a person? Is my neighborhood okay to walk at night?  I am originally from Bogota, Colombia and I can honestly say that I did not feel as safe there because the police wasn’t around as frequently. Also kidnapping are our reputation. It is a sad reality. Unfortunately as a child, playing in the streets of Bogota was never an option. One day, from the way I remember it, my mother, my two sisters and me where in a bookstore. I was playing with something in the store and I look up and I could not find any of my family. I instantly got scared and thought they had forgotten about me. I ran out of the store as fast as I could and I was running to wherever the road took me. Some guy in a motorcycle stopped me and I instantly felt so unsafe and so scared. But luckily my mother and sisters were running after me and they were able to catch me before I was taken. Moving to Florida helped change the uneasiness of not being able to go outside and play without worry or even go outside and walk the streets without worrying about getting hit by a car or getting kidnapped. The beach for example is my go to. I love the beach, at night especially, as a form of escape from reality. In my city in Florida I am able to drive 5 minutes and the beach is right there at my disposal. I love it so much because I feel safe there no matter what time a night I am there.  

Daytona Beach, Daytona, Florida

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