Eyes of the Streets by Demiana Khoury

Growing up in a suburb outside of San Francisco with one of the lowest crime rates in all of the US, safety in my hometown was something I never questioned. I always felt safe in my town, perhaps I took my safety for granted as I have never quite contemplated what goes into making my town safe. This idea, Jane Jacobs introduced of eyes on the street struck me because every town has them. In my hometown, the eyes of the street are strictly the police. In my opinion, affluent suburbs lack a sense of community as if everyone is out for themselves and their own families. In my neighborhood, you might as well not have neighbors as you rarely come into contact with them unless the house catches on fire and they are so kind to let you stand on their front porch (true story).

However, Borgo Bello is quite the opposite, the eyes of the street primarily fall upon the responsibility of the people. The people of Borgo Bello, who sit at cafes and restaurants for hours or the small business owners standing outside their store waiting for customers. These are the true police of the street: the people watchers.

Being a Child Studies major I can’t help but realize that with the  the elementary school being centrally located in Borgo, beautiful opportunities can arise. The youth are the future of any community. A main part of creating safety is allowing families to feel safe with their children out and about. Collaborating with the elementary school would be a great opportunity to create more eyes on the street.


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