Borgo Bello Unlike Any Other by Esperanza H.

Borgo Bello is a community not like any other I have had the pleasure of experiencing before. It is wonderful because they keep their history with the 3 Cathedrals found within the community but also have a families of all types there ranging from different ages. While walking through Borgo Bello, we encountered an elementary school with kids just outside of it and their parents coming to pick them up. It was nice to see young kids be suit gives it a change from the way the center of Perugia is set up. Also Borgo Bello has a so many local shops such as three different art vendors which are beautiful and unique to each artist that is creating them on site. One of my observations while walking around was that people really interact with one another as if it is a huge family but they all also have their own separate and solo lives and they do their own thing when it is necessary. Another thing that I noticed is that thought the town, there is little planters and pieces of art that help beautify the aesthetics of the community. Those were my favorite parts. I enjoy a town with aesthetics that make it stand out from the rest and those little details made it happen for me. Overall it was very beautiful and quiet. I enjoyed the walk and would like to keep learning more about it. 


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