Borgo Bello; My First Impression By Rachel T.

When walking through the streets of Perugia, you tend to usually see a variety of many people all going in every direction in the city center. But outside of the center, and you walk down just about 1000 steps, you come across somewhat of a little town of its own on the outskirts of the center; Borgo Bello.

As we began our walk through Borgo Bello, it seemed as though not a lot of the students had been down to this side of the center. However for me, I had walked around these streets since the first day we got to Perugia because I live just about 4 minutes down the road. The first day we got here a few of us friends ventured off and looked around, and explored what we had thought was the center of Perugia until we got up to where Umbra is and noticed that we were in fact wrong. Borgo Bello is a very unique and hidden treasure of Perugia. While walking through the streets during the hour walk in class, I noticed more mom and pop type shops, that were small but you could tell that they were popular to the people living in Borgo Bello. The people I would walk by were very friendly and the community seemed as though it was a tight knit community. Almost like everyone knew everyone and even if you didn’t, the people were still so friendly.

The architecture has held up, throughout the many years it has been there, and the old look of it gives the neighborhood character. The side streets had beautiful paintings, and wonderful plants, and the garden that was created you can tell has definitely made an impact on the neighborhood. The church, and park both were so beautiful and felt very welcoming. From the knowledge of the neighborhood, my impression would be that it never was an unsafe place to live, with drugs and crime by the way they have changed the atmosphere and bettered their neighborhood. I did not expect it to be so well put together from the knowledge I had of it before hand. But it turned out to be a well-put together, and beautiful neighborhood.


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