Intentional By Kirby C.

I was fortunate to sit right next the awesome neighborhood association President F. (wish I could spell his name) and each word seemed incredibly intentional. This has created a presence in Borgo Bello that is unavoidable.  The concept of intentional can be applied to so many areas but in the end results in the true essence of ownership.

Back home the word community is often used to describe my university, but if you take a step back this community is found through a few dozen individuals that are incredibly intentional. Walking through Borgo Bello and hearing the purpose and excitement behind each project I saw a community much like homIMG_0699_2e. The passion that was present from our new partner was motivating, especially after being able to see the few large things that him and the few “zealous nuts” have accomplished.

My mind was constantly wandering thinking of home. Deep down I think I have this motivation to act and create a community in areas I interact with. But after meeting the president, I caught his contagious passion to act and make a difference. To see first hand the difference he and the now 400 members have done is truly inspiring. I am now stirred to be intentional in all areas. Just after that one class I wanted to run home and share this passion and ideas that were constantly forming. (Thinking in writing) How can we call our community garden when we don’t let the true community that we share land with utilize the garden? Or how could we be better neighbors to those around us (plenty of conflict between university and neighbors)? Borgo Bello has genius ideas for intergenerational relations, which I fell in love with at my local church. This interaction with multiple generations is what has shaped me into who I am today and to see tangible ways that Borgo Bello was so cool!

By the end of our day in the community I feel connected and excited to experience more of this intentionality that has created all that Borgo Bello is. I am excited to continue interacting with the association and seeing what their focus is and what drives them to do all that they can for the community. I am curious how they association has dealt with any backlash or those unmotivated, especially the local government? This relationship must be critical in the success of the community, so I would like to know how that was formed and the government’s view of the association? And of course, that terrace is going to be one snazzy place after we brainstorm with the community and pass it on to the next semesters course!!

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