A trip in Borgo Bello Massimiliano G.

Last tuesday we have been visiting the so called “Borgo Bello” wich is the sum of Corso Cavour and Borgo XX giugno, two of the oldest main streets of Perugia.
I am from Perugia and I have been many time in Borgo Bello because of its restaurants and bars and it has not been the first time that I have seen St. Peter’s Church, St. Domenico’s Church and Frontone Park but it has been the first time that I have been going around the alleys and I find them really nice and most of all cleaner and safer than they was some years ago when drug dealers and addicted used to ruled that places.
I don’t use to go often in Borgo Bello because it is not one of my favorite part of the city but compared to some years ago I found it nicer than it was, it is thanks to Borgo Bello Association and the people of the neighborhood which are working really hard in order to make it again a place where family would live and people would pass their spare time.
Another particular feature of this street is that more ore less every people who live or work there seems to know each other just like in a small village and they are trying to lead a common project to improve the wellness of all their community.
In the end I would say that it has been a cool trip and that it has been really interesting to know something more about my city.

Corso Cavour OLD

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