My first impressions of Borgo Bello and Corso Cavour by Suprima B.


I had been to the Corso Cavour, before the class tour we had on 15th August. When I was walking to St. Peter’s Basilica, it looked like a very residential neighborhood. Unlike the main street from Piazza IV Novembre, Corso Cavour did not have a big crowd walking in both directions. There was comparatively less number of stores, bars and restaurants. The area was quieter and looked more regulated. When I was out exploring the area with our class, I was looking for theatres and schools. Unlike the previous time, I started going in the side streets. They looked dark and I thought they would just lead to more houses. However, I was surprised by what I saw. There were paintings hug up in walls. There were light shows with panels of art works. It was impressive to see how much the community respected the effort on their society’s betterment. The works were preserved well.

This neighborhood, just like a lot of other Italian towns had connected lines of houses and the streets were pretty narrow. Despite the narrow street, the bars were extended out to occupy one fourth of the road in some spots. There was parking area on parts of the road itself, leaving one lane for the movement of vehicles. When talking to the President of the Borgo Bello Association, he told us that the road is one-way and not a major way in or out of the city. So, I got an idea of why the narrow street is not a problem for traffic jams yet. However, the joined row of houses on either sides of the narrow street, with little exits to small side streets, and extended diners gave me an impression of a close-knit community.

Even though I was trying to spot the public areas like theatres and schools, I could only locate one museum, one convention center, one elementary school and two music schools. I could not locate any of the five theatres. So the main street was actually very residential.

This visit definitely made me more curious about the neighborhood and now, I am looking forward to explore more on what this area offers its residents.


About suprimaishere

I am a junior at Hollins University, VA, USA. I am pursuing a B.Sc in Mathematics and a B.A. in Studio Arts. My aspiration is to work as an architect-urban planner.
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