First Impressions of Borgo Bello – Marc Capparelli

I didn’t really know what to expect when traveling to Borgo Bello. I knew that we would be volunteering our time to attend to the village, but I did not know what the village and its people would be like. Since I was close to clueless, I guess I expected the village to look a little run down with a lot of graffiti. I was glad to see that this expectation wasn’t true.  

Borgo Bello was a quaint, little village that really gave me that “community feel.” Walking around on that break we had to explore, I really admired the place I was in. It just seemed like there was a certain degree of closeness among the people. I really enjoyed talking to the two women who owned the charity clothes shop. I really liked that idea and thought it was wonderful. The same goes for that community garden I passed by with Kirby and Massimiliano. There was just a garden with many different types of vegetables and fruits. Many were still in need of more growth and ripening. I’m curious as to whether you can just pick these off the plants free of charge. That would be pretty awesome but I feel like there’d never be any produce because people would take all of them!

However, I am even more curious about what Borgo Bello is at night. This is a curiosity that can easily be fixed, I just haven’t had the time yet. The main square of Perugia and neighboring roads are PACKED with students and many young folk littering all over the place. I wonder if a similar environment inhabits Borgo Bello by the time the sun sets.

On the first day of class we talked about the ingredients of a community. I remember trees, green spaces, and cleanliness being mentioned. I think Borgo Bello really exemplified these qualities, especially at the park. The green environment at the park really changed the way I felt about Borgo Bello. I felt that it made things just feel safer and more at peace with the world.

Borgo Bello also seems like it is home to some really nice people. When walking with Massimiliano and Kirby, we stopped at a local coffee grind place. Although 20150915_160833not fluent in Italian, I was still able to somewhat understand what the workers were saying and felt they were very nice. The same goes for the older man who took us around (I forgot how to say his name!) along with his friend who is also in the association. I think there are some really nice people there.


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