Borgo Bello by Liliana B. Journal 1

For class, Professor Raymond took us on a passeggiata of the Borgo Bello neighborhood. It was full of hidden wonders like the luminous paintings in the back of an alley and the flower pots decorating the walls. Before arriving to Borgo Bello, I thought the neighborhood was very much like the rest of Perugia, with a feeling of medieval underlying the modern shops and people. It did have the feeling of past times intertwined with modern day businesses and schools, but I was wrong to assume that it was just like any other neighborhood because the reality is, no neighborhood is identical to the other. Each one encompasses a specific characteristic that allows it to stand out. For Borgo Bello, that characteristic is the close-knit community that thrives there and the level of well-being and safety that stems from this. In other parts of Perugia, one senses the level of safety a small town permits, but it does not have the level of friendliness Borgo Bello has. One of the most enjoyable moments was meeting Orfeo Ambrosi, president of the Borgo Bello Association.  Ambrosi gave off the feeling of a humble and diligent man who has a deep passion for the restructuring of his neighborhood. This passion was later re-emphasized as he joyously proclaimed ‘I’m in love with my neighborhood’. And he has much reason to love Borgo Bello for it has been transformed into a neighborhood worthy of praise.


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