First Impressions of Borgo Bello, Stefanie B.


IMG_9338My expectations for Borgo Bello were quite low due to our class discussion, and the fact that I usually go into situations with no expectations. But, I am the first to admit that my first impression of Borgo Bello was actually quite the opposite of my nonexistent expectations. Not only were the people united, and in touch with one another, the physical buildings and environment were maintained, and are clearly on the road to becoming a high populated and popular area.

I think that the park is perfectly placed. The park is situated next to the church that holds students from the University of Perugia. I saw a few people running in the park, and I’m assuming that students also spend time there as well. I think that if events were held in the park it would attract more people. The park is very wide, with lots of open space and would be able to hold many residents, students, and hopefully other people from different parts of Perugia.
I was also very surprised by the use of art to help brighten up the main road. I guess I wasn’t expecting actual paintings physically placed in a public space because I would assume that people would steal them off the wall. In my opinion, just the fact that those paintings can be hung, and respected by the people of Borgo Bello and other visitors speaks to the changing environment.

I am really excited to start planning ideas for the open space overlooking the city. I think that the space can act as a multi purpose area that invites people of all ages. It can be used as a market by morning, and bar by night, with specialty events renting out the space as well. I think that this space has a bright future that will add to creating a safer, friendly, and united environment in Borgo Bello


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