Borgo Bello First Impressions- Jimmy Rotondo

Jimmy Rotondo 9/22/15
Journal Entry #1
When we were heading down to Borgo Bello I was honestly expecting it to be more run down than it was. The way it was being discussed in class, I thought it would be the worst part of Perugia. However, my expectations were very wrong because I found a lively part of town with many shops, bars, and people out and about. The main street, Corso Cavour was very busy and I noticed that just like here in the center of Perugia, the shop owners and workers all stood in the doorways looking to draw in business. That alone gave the area a sense of life. Also, another thing I noticed that really brought the area to life and drew in people was that many of the restaurants and bars had seating outside. In my opinion, just having the outdoor seating creates a much more people-friendly space and a comfortable environment to gather.
As I ventured around a little more, I noticed that many of the side alleys and thinner streets were well-kept. There was a lot of nice artwork or interesting lighting on the walls. This turned what might otherwise be a cold, dark space into one that was inviting and comfortable to walk through. I think the fact that I was completely comfortable walking down these alleys says a lot because I definitely would not do that in many cities back in the U.S.
Along with the stores and restaurants, the neighborhood also offered a lot of cool sights to see. For example, San Domenico and San Pietro are two of the churches that make the area a little more interesting to see. I think having places like these add more character to the neighborhood along with a sense of life. They also act as good destinations for visitors, drawing people into the area which helps all the local businesses.

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