My first walk around Borgo Bello by Viviana L.

IMG_8082This is a trial post.

The students of ESUS 310 Urban Spaces: Rebuilding Community in Perugia will keep a blog-journal focusing on assigned reflections about themes discussed in class, presented in the readings, and as related to the student’s field experiences.

The journals will help solidify students’ understanding of the course activities and theory, and offer an opportunity to explore connections between in-class and experiential learning.

Weekly based Journal entries are mandatory.

In these short posts student should express their impressions and reflection and provide also a significant image of their experience. Questions or curiosities can also be included.

Each post should be maximum 500 words, display a title that includes the name of the author (first name and surname initial) and one significant picture (pictures of children are forbidden unless framed by the rear).

Students shall place their posts under the category “Class Journal” and enter mandatory tags such as Semester and Journal n° (for eg.: Fall 2015, Journal 1) and may also enter other relevant tags (max 3 more).

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